Feng Shui 2008 Prediction for
the Year of Rat.

2008 prediction by the feng shui trigram is the most accurate forecast of your annual luck and health. You can achieve your resolutions, in year of the rat; by cultivate the good trigram fortune forecast in your house.

The annual flying star is the key for feng shui predictions. The nine stars arrangement has an immediate and significant impact on you.

Once you know the 2008 feng shui trigram forecast, you could plan your strategies to achieve your goals. Also, you can harness the auspicious chi to nourish your health in 2008.

The nine stars control the chi of the universe. You have to know the yearly trigram arrangements. Then you can employ the proper feng shui items to neutralize the harmful chi and to enhance the auspicious chi.

Applying these invaluable secrets, you can reward yourself for the year of the rat in 2008.

2008 Prediction for the Year of Rat


9 Purple:




5 Yellow:




7 Red:




8 White:



1 White:



3 Green:




4 Green:




6 White:



2 Black:


Year of the Rat forecast is from February 4, 2008 to February 4, 2008.

To interpret the feng shui 2008 prediction, you have to understand the annual trigram kua in the center of the nine palaces. The center kua indicates the future events of the year.

  • The 1 White Star is in the center of the nine palaces of 2008 prediction.

    The 1 White Star represents investment wealth, job promotion and fame.

    When the 1 White Star is in your house center, it affects negatively your investment and gambling wealth and job promotion. It also harmfully affects your fame or reputation.

    From the trigram indication, the stock market in 2008 will not be as good as 2007.

  • Feng shui 2008 prediction of Wealth 8 White Star is at the east.

    We are in period 8 of the flying star feng shui. Therefore, 8 White Star is the star of wealth. This year the eldest son or younger male generation will have better wealth luck since the 8 White Star is at the eldest son of the house location.

    Avoid green plants or green furniture in the east side. This wood element is destructive to the earth element of 8 White Star.

    Try to place the fire element furnishing such as red carpet, runner or furniture to enhance the earth element of the 8 White Star. This will boost up your wealth if you follow the feng shui predictions.

  • 2008 feng shui forecast of the 9 Purple Star is at the southeast.

    The 9 Purple Star is the future wealth star, i.e. period 9. It is in charge of marriage, birth and career.

    The eldest daughter will have romance luck. She will be smarter and have good education results in 2008.

  • 2008 prediction of the 2 Black Star is at the northwest.

    The Illness star is at the father or the employer location. It implies that the father or male household lacks of power or in poor health. The male ceo, president or male managers of a company will loss authority.

    The younger male will be in charge since the powerful 8 white star is in the eldest son location.

  • 2008 feng shui tip of 4 Green Star is at northeast.

    The 4 Green is the education Star.

    You can place the desk at this location for your children to study. They will have better marks in examination.

    You can also sit at this location with a clear mind.

  • 2008 predictions of the 7 Red Star is at southwest.

    The 7 Red Star is violence, burglary and unclear mind. The 7 red star will affect the mother of the house.

    She will have unclear mind and makes wrong decisions. She has to pay attention to her health particularly; there is an indication of surgery or accidents.

  • 2008 Feng shui flying star of 6 White Star is at north.

    Although 6 White Star is a past period wealth star, it is still in charge of sideline income or investment.

    According to the 2008 feng shui prediction, you can place a three-leg money toad in the north direction to attract better investment wealth.

  • Feng shui 2008 prediction of 5 Yellow Star is at the south side.

    The 5 Yellow is the most dangerous Star, which is in charge of death and inauspicious chi.

    Also, the south side is attack by this year's rat. It indicates a lot of accident, particularly car or traffic accidents.

    This year, the three killings are in the south. There will be a lot robberies, diseases such as flue or SARS and natural disasters.

    Avoid this location to conduct activities or make decisions as much as possible. Do not renovate at this location. Do not place red furnishing. Hang 5-tier cooper/brass wind chime at the south location.

  • Feng shui 2008 prediction of 3 Green Star is at the west.

    3 Green Star is the argument and robery star. There are many arguments in the family if you conduct major activities at this location.

    Play attention to the windows or doors to avoid robbers entering the house in this location.

Once you know the trigram 2008 prediction, you can maximize your fortune according to the flying stars forecast. You can arrange feng shui items to harness the beneficial chi. You can place feng shui articles to neutralize the harmful chi according to the 2008 feng shui forecast.

The most effective and fast method for the short-term is to arrange your bed and your desk as suggested by the feng shui forecast. Your bed and desk can influence your chi and luck quickly because you spend a good with them. You can place your bed and your desk according to the annual feng shui forecast and the acceptable feng shui principles.

Furthermore, you have to consult the feng shui horoscopes for 2008. The feng shui Chinese horoscopes indicate your fortune and health of the year.

After evaluate both your house feng shui 2008 prediction and your feng shui 2008 horoscopes, you know which area you have to avoid or to neutralize.

Armed with the feng shui 2008 prediction, (feng shui 2008 astrology) and feng shui Chinese horoscopes knowledge, you can plan a successful and wonderful 2008 resolutions.

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