Grow your finance and investment from your feng shui wealth spot

Your house feng shui controls your finance, investment and business opportunities.

To master feng shui secrets for wealth, you have to know the wealth spot in your house, your wealth direction as well as the yearly and monthly wealth locations.

Once you master the feng shui secrets for wealth, you know that there are many ways to increase your finance and investment.

However, you should not take it literally that your wealth would increase without much work. In fact, you have to work hard to achieve your finance investment. There are no feng shui books to reveal the wealth secrets.

Most of us belong to the working class. How can we increase our wealth significantly?

When you get promotion in your career, normally your finance and income will improve because of your promotion. However, under normal circumstances, your salary increase will not make you a millionaire overnight.

One more thing, feng shui does not encourage gambling or buying lottery tickets. Very often, feng shui does not work in gambling, particularly in casino feng shui. It is because casino owners have other ways to control and improve their income and wealth.

How can you accumulate your wealth from feng shui?

In the old days, you could only accumulate your wealth through business opportunities. You had to start a successful business in order to achieve your finance goal.

Nowadays, you can start a business. There are many business opportunities. When you look around, many successful businesses are new companies, such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, You Tube etc. Just keep your eyes open, and may be one day you are a successful entrepreneur.

Other than becoming an entrepreneur, there are many ways to accumulate your wealth now. You still have to work hard in order to achieve finance successful. There is seldom an overnight millionaire.

You can invest or manage your assets and money effectively and efficiently to grow your wealth. Of course, you have to be prudent and skew in your finance investment. If invest wisely, your finance investment return will be significant.

Many times, you know or hear someone loss their home, capital investments or stock investments. It is because those people do not know the feng shui secrets for wealth. They do not have their wealth spot in their house or do not utilize their wealth direction to bring the wealth luck for them.

To accumulate you wealth from finance, you have to find out your house wealth spot. Keep the spot free of clutters. Place broad leaf plants, water fountain or three-legged money toad at the wealth spot. Look after your wealth spot like your lover.

Make sure the plant is healthy at the wealth spot. The healthy plant brings in good feng shui chi. An unhealthy plant or withered plant will brings in bad fortune for the owner.

If you place a water fountain or aquarium, keep the water clean and fill up the water fountain or aquarium with water. Do not let the water fountain run dry. Otherwise, your finance will be diminished.

You have to find out the yearly wealth location in your house. You can locate the wealth direction from the yearly prediction. It is because the yearly wealth location is very effective in boosting your yearly income and investment. To harness your yearly wealth location, one method is to place a water fountain at the location to boost up your wealth chi.

Furthermore, you can place a tabletop water fountain at the monthly wealth location to supplement the yearly wealth direction.

Once you look after your wealth spot and wealth locations, you can apply your investment knowledge. At present, there are many vehicles to achieve your financial objectives with good investment returns.

Of course, before your start your finance investment journey, you have to save enough money so that you have sufficient capital.

In fact, one of the important finance knowledge is the power of compound interest. If your saving provides you a good compounding interest rate, you'll be surprised how much wealth you have accumulated down the road.

For example, if you find a compound interest of 10% per year, you can double your investment in 7 years. When you can keep your capital growth at this rate, you will become a millionaire in the future.

When you start your saving with good compound interest rate, while you are young, you can retire either early or very wealthy. You can find a good banker or financial adviser for advice.

After you have accumulated a good size capital fund, you can invest in good value (blue chips) stocks. Of course, you have to do your homework and consult your banker or financial advisor before you decide to invest in the stocks.

For long-term investment, your stock portfolio can provide you a good capital return and wealth accumulation.

If you are not familiar with stock, you can always seek advice from your banker, mutual fund manager or stockbroker. In addition, you can educate yourself by studying the finance and investment books.

When you have sufficient capital, you can also build up your assets from real estate. You can purchase your own home to increase your equity. Or you can buy investment properties. You are using other people's money - the mortgage, to grow your wealth. Your capital investment return can be significant in the future.

Of course, when you buy your properties, you are the master of feng shui already. You will buy good feng shui properties only.

Although there are so many methods for finance investment, your return is determined by your wealth spot. Your wealth spot will increase your assets and capitals in good and bad times. You have the secret weapon to make a better investment returns.

It is important to look after your wealth spot of your house. When you make your investment decisions, you have to study and evaluate the financial plan with a clear and sharp mind. You can improve your mind with better decision making if you master the feng shui secrets for wealth.

The secret to enhance your decision making with better luck is the wealth and education/knowledge locations of your house. If you place your desk at the wealth or education location, you have better luck and sharper analytical mind to make your finance decision. Your finance is in good hand.

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