Accumulate wealth vastly, quickly and easily if you know the feng shui secrets for wealth.

These feng shui secrets for wealth are priceless. Once you master the feng shui secrets for wealth, you have the advantage and knowledge that many people are envy.

Your friends are all capable, intelligent and hardworking. Do you notice that some of your friends are tight in money? Some spend so carelessly without savings. Some are in deficit. Even newspaper reports some rich and famous people loss their wealth overnight.

However, very few of your friends are fortunately to have good money and save significantly.

Your poor friends are innocent of the power of feng shui house. They are not aware of the feng shui secrets for wealth too. They suffer from the negative chi of the house result in decline in wealth.

Sometimes, these valuable feng shui secrets are revealed bits and pieces. A comprehensive disclosure of the feng shui secrets and the application is rarely available.

What are the feng shui secrets for wealth?

Your house keeps the fengshui wealth secrets. These feng shui secrets for wealth are outside and inside of your house. You have to know where to find and how to harness these treasures.

Exterior of the house:

When a proficient feng shui master conducts a feng shui house survey for you, she/he has to evaluate the house location first. She has to inspect the feng shui house both the exterior and interior. She has to appraise the feng shui house plan.

In determining the feng shui wealth of your house, she has to examine the feng shui location and direction. The feng shui location dictates how much wealth chi is entering your house.

After evaluating the feng shui location, the front door of the feng shui house is important.

We will discuss the fengshui house location and front door later on.

The analogy of the front door is liked the mouth of the house, as the mouth of the body. It is the main entrance for the chi (earth energy), either good or bad.

The chi is the nutrient for the house. When the feng shui home accumulates the auspicious chi, the house is healthy and so are the occupants. Otherwise, if the damaging chi enters, it makes the house sick as well as the occupants.

This chi is dictated by the fengshui house location, the front door and its location, the period and annual flying star feng shui, the environment outside of the house and the feng shui bagua. We will discuss these topics in the future.

Interior of the house:

One of the feng shui secrets for wealth is the location of the wealth spots in the fengshui home.

Furthermore, you have to learn the feng shui tips of the period and annual water stars, following the flying star feng shui rules, inside the house. The power of feng shui bagua on the feng wealth has to examine also.

Once, all the feng shui secrets for wealth are considered, you have the ability and tools to accumulate your feng shui fortune and finance from your wealth spots.

Where is the wealth spot inside your feng shui home?

According to the feng shui secrets for wealth, the wealth spot is at the corner diagonally from the living room entrance.

When the living room entrance is at the right, the feng shui wealth spot is on the left.

When the entrance is at the left, the feng shui secrets for wealth spot is on the right.

When the entrance is at the centre, there are two wealth spots, i.e. left and right feng shui wealth corners.

What are the requirements of the feng shui wealth spot?

As specified by the feng shui secrets for wealth, the feng shui wealth corner is formed by two solid walls. This is the spot where prosperous chi will accumulate.

There should be no window, door or opening at this corner. Also, if hallway or opening is located where the wealth corner should be, the auspicious chi will dissipate. Your wealth will decline as well.

How to harvest the wealth spot for your feng shui home?

This wealth spot is where the auspicious chi accumulates and stores. This vibrant and auspicious chi brings in wealth and stores at the feng shui wealth corner.

From the feng shui secrets for wealth teaching, you have to place broad leaf evergreens at this wealth corner. Healthy plants symbolize vibrant growth and vitality, i.e. promising wealth.

You can place a feng shui water fountain or feng shui fish tank at the wealth spot. The wate fountain or fish and water of the feng shui fish tank enhance the prosperity chi that benefits the owner.

Placing the evergreens or water fountain prevents visitors step at the wealth spot.

If the plants or fish are not healthy, better replace immediately with healthy ones. If you don't follow this feng shui secrets for wealth, your wealth will be in difficulties.

Decorate the wealth spot attractively and elegantly with proper feng shui items such water fountin, will bring in good fortune for you. Keep your wealth spot quiet and peaceful. Make sure your wealth corner is tidy and clean. Look after your wealth corner attentively. According to the feng shui secrets for wealth, the wealth spot will return thousand fold of wealth for you.

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