Apply the feng shui kua and trigram feng shui codes effectively!

Feng shui kua and Chinese trigram are powerful feng shui weapons. Apply them correctly; you will experience positive rewards immediately. However, if apply incorrectly, the result is devastated.

We have to remember one important thing. The feng shui kua and Chinese trigram belongs to the five elements. The feng shui five elements directly influence our body and our health.

Every object belongs to one of the five elements that change the chi of our environment. Subsequently, the chi will affect our health and luck.

Now, let us find out the meaning of kua, kau number, trigram feng shui and their applications.

Feng shui kua : 1 White, KAN

KAN represents your middle son. KAN is the north direction and it belongs to the water element.

IF some one has kidney problem, prostate gland problem, weakness in walking, to take "Viagra" or ear inflection, all these problems are related to the KAN kua of water element.

You know the north section of your house has water element problem. If you find out the problem and place the proper feng shui items at the northern area, the feng shui items will cure the problematic water element. You have overcome most of your health problems already.

Although KAN represents middle son, KAN kua can represent the vice-president or manager of a company. As the kua suggests, VP or manager is second in command of a company and reports to the president.

If you have only one son, his toys such as Superman, Spiderman represent your "middle son".

This is the amazing application of feng shui kua number if you know the feng shui tips to apply.

Feng shui kua: KUN, 2 Black

KUN represents and influences mother, lady of the house, mother-in-law. KUN is the southwest direction that belongs to 2 Black of earth element.

The feng shui kua KUN controls the stomach. This KUN kua, 2 Black, is just as a housewife cooks most of the time in the kitchen.

The housewife's health has problem if a garbage can is placed at the southwest corner of the kitchen.

KUN also represents a big belly person either female or male. If you know how to overcome the problem in the 2 Black in the southwest corner of your house, you probably don't have to spend a lot of money in "Jenny Craig" to manage your weight!

Feng shui kua: CHEN, 3 Green

CHEN represents the eldest son. CHEN is the east direction and is a wood element.

If your house does not has the east corner, you are missing the kua of CHEN i.e. your eldest son. Therefore, you'll have difficulties to bear a baby boy. Even if you have a son, his health is poor or he is a problematic child.

CHEN represents the arm, leg, liver and gallbladder. You are healthy if you know how to look after your east section of your house.

Also, CHEN kua of number 3 Green, represents for the leader among your peers.

CHEN symbolizes horse, dragon and snake. Nowadays, the feng shui CHEN kua defines automobile as equivalent to horse.

Feng shui kua: SUN, 4 Green

SUN defines the eldest daughter, widow, monk or nun. Feng shui kua of SUN is at the southeast direction and is a wood element.

You think that the feng shui kua number 4 Green will not apply to you because you have only one son. What happen if you son is married, and then according to SUN kua number 4, your daughter-in-law is your eldest daughter too!

SUN corresponds to the leg, spine, hipbones and arthritis.

If any family member has these problems, you should examine the southeast corner. When there is something exceptional, you'd better fix or remove the objects from the location.

Feng shui kua: CHIEN, 6 White

CHIEN symbolizes father, government leader and elder. CHIEN is the northwest direction and is the metal element.

CHIEN associates with the head, bones and lung.

CHIEN corresponds to horse, swan, elephant and lion.

If the elder or husband always has headache or lung problem, you had better check if there is a beam or sharp objects in the northwest area of your house.

A house does not has northwest corner is a bad feng shui house. The house indicates there is no male because of death or departed in the household.

If a house does not has feng shui CHIEN kua of number 6 White, northwest corner, a single lady is hard to find a male partner for marriage.

Feng shui kua: TUI, 7 Red

TUI kua of number 7 Red represents the youngest daughter. The number 7 Red, TUI kua is the west direction and belongs to the metal element.

TUI kua corresponds to the tongue, mouth, throat, lung and voice. The flying star feng shui - period 7 in 1984-2004, was the period for female singers. There're number of famous female singers such as Madonna, Celine Dion, Spices Girls and Shania Twain.

Feng shui kua: KEN, 8 White

KEN is the youngest son. KEN is the northeast direction and belongs to the earth element.

KEN, represents younger male. Lately, the elected world leaders are younger males, such as the prime minister of Canada and Japan and the president of USA and China etc. They are younger than their previous leaders.

The feng shui KEN kua represents the hand and finger. Any career relates to the hand, and finger will benefit in the present period 8 of flying star feng shui.

Feng shui kua: LI, 9 Purple

LI is the middle daughter. LI is the south direction and is the fire element.

LI kua reflects any eye or hear problem. Or the female has to visit the gynecologist very frequently due to sickness!

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