Feng shui kua number uncovers the codes for your success.

I Ching, the book of change, reveals feng shui kua number over 5000 years ago.

There are 9 feng shui kua numbers, which represent the nine stars for flying star feng shui. Each star has its own name and color. Every star represents different time of feng shui.

According to the flying star feng shui, the feng shui time of 20 years is a period. A small cycle is three periods i.e. 60 years. A complete cycle is 180 years.

The original feng shui kua has only eight Chinese trigrams. Later on, the trigram feng shui evolved into 64 Chinese trigrams. The interpretation of this Chinese trigram is very complicated. It is an advanced subject and will discuss with you in the future.

However, if you can understand the basic feng shui kua number and trigram feng shui principles and their representations, you can apply these tips on feng shui efficiently.

Master the codes of trigram feng shui and feng shui kua number.

Representation of feng shui kau number and trigram feng shui

KAN 1 White North Middle Son Water Kidney, prostate gland, ear.
KUN 2 Black Southweat Mother Earth Stomach, spleen, belly.
CHEN 3 Green East Eldest Son Wood Liver, leg, hand.
SUN 4 Green Southeast Eldest Daughter Wood Arms, legs, buttock.
Heaven Center 5 Yellow Center --- Earth ---
CHIEN 6 White Northwest Father Metal Head, lung, intestine.
TUI 7 Red West Youngest Daughter Metal Lung, mouth, voice.
KEN 8 White Northeast Youngest Son Earth Finger, bone, nose, skin.
LI 9 Purple South Middle Daughter Fire Eye, heart, blood.

As you can see from the table, the meaning and representation of feng shui kua and kua number together with trigram feng shui and five elements are related.

You have to understand the feng shui kua number and trigram codes.

When you break the codes, you know the secrets of the universe.

Once you master the application of feng shui kua, you can plan a successful life for yourself. You know the application of feng shui kua to overcome your health and life problem.

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