Feng Shui Kitchen is Your Own Bank of Nourishment.

Good feng shui kitchen nourishes your wealth, body, food, health and happy marriage. You get what your want if you look after your feng shui in the kitchen.

The good chi enters your kitchen and keeps the "fire" chi of your stove going. This analogy is one of the secret of fengshui tips. If the stove is at the proper location, the auspicious chi maintains the stove "fire". A strong stove "fire" provides a good feng shui kitchen, so that you are lucky, wealthy, and healthy and enjoy family harmony.

If you place your stove improperly, the stove "fire" will burn away your fortune and wealth. Your health will suffer too.

In the old days, people regarded feng shui in the kitchen was very important. They seldom moved their stoves or renovated their kitchens. If they had to, they had to consult the almanac and feng shui masters. If done improperly, bad things always happened.

Best location for your feng shui kitchen.

The best feng shui kitchen is located at the back of your house. When you stand at the center of the house, the good feng shui kitchen is located behind you on either side of your house.

Never place your kitchen:

  • The front of the house - decline of household fortune.
  • Directly facing the front door - bad temper, alcoholic, health problem.
  • Center of the house - health problem, heart problem, declining wealth, poor personal relationships.
  • Next to the washroom - bad health.
  • Facing the bedroom - marriage and health problem, erratic children.
  • Open concept kitchen - poor personal relationships and declining wealth.
  • Installed skylight in the kitchen - unexpected accident, health problem.

The importance of your stove.

Your stove is the food central process unit. It has to be protected by three sides, i.e. back on to a solid wall and counters on both sides for good feng shui kitchen.

Although it is trendy and convenient, you should never place your stove in the center of the kitchen. If it is in the center of the kitchen, you suffer from poor personal relationships, decline wealth, marriage and health problem.

Ideally, your stove has to face the auspicious feng shui direction for feng shui kitchen. The feng shui direction involves the study of feng flying shui star and trigram feng shui .

One very important thing of feng shui in the kitchen is never have the sink and faucet directly facing across the stove. If the stove and faucet face each other, you'll experience marriage problem due to external affairs!

The stove represents the lady of the house. The stove has to keep clean and tidy. Make sure there are no items not belonging to the kitchen and staled food above and below the stove or in the oven. Anything wrong with the stove and oven will affect the health of the lady.

Never place mirror, stainless steel plate or reflective surface behind the stove or in the kitchen. This is bad kitchen feng shui, if there are more than "two" stove because of the mirrored image. One stove means one wife. More than one stove implies your husband has more than one wife!

Do not place the stove under the beam; otherwise, you will suffer poor health.

For good feng shui in the kitchen, you have to cook. Cooking can bring in good luck and personal relationships because of the auspicious "fire" chi from the stove.

If you know a bachelor friend seldom cooks in the kitchen. Or he removes his kitchen completely since he goes out to dine all the time. Because of this, you know he has difficulties in finding a partner for marriage.

Maintain Your Good Feng Shui Kitchen:

  • Empty garbage every day.
  • Dispose staled food.
  • Get rid of broken or unused utensils.
  • Keep the kitchen tidy and clean.
  • Free of clusters.
  • Clean up spills.
  • Clean up all dishes, never pill up in the sink.

The feng shui in the kitchen is very important. Make sure that you can follow these fengshui tips to keep your feng shui kitchen so that every member of your household is happy and health.

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