How can you enchant your lover from feng shui kitchen design?

Feng shui kitchen design is one of the important subjects in classical Chinese feng shui. The traditional Chinese feng shui specifies six important areas for interior feng shui and six important areas for external feng shui.

One of the six interior feng shui subjects is the kitchen feng shui design. The feng shui kitchen designs the health of your family. According to the feng shui tradition, the importance of the location of the feng shui kitchen is heavily emphasized.

There are many classical Chinese feng shui literatures studied the impact of the feng shui in traditional stove placement. The stove is the most important subject in the feng shui kitchen design because the stove controls your nourishment. It is where all your food is cooked.

Your family members will suffer, if a stove is improperly placed in the feng shui kitchen design. According to flying stars feng shui, if a stove is placed at the 2 Black sickness star location, all family members' health will suffer. Unwanted death could happen in the family, if the stove is placed at the 5 Yellow star.

Feng shui kitchen design for love

From the feng shui kitchen design tips, the feng shui stove control your wealth and health. In addition, the stove can magnify your love star to shine and can enhance your feng shui marriage. If your stove is properly placed in your feng shui love directions, your stove can boost up your love star to magnetize your love chi.

Your stove location has to follow the principles of feng shui kitchen. Then you can apply the feng shui kitchen design tips for your feng shui love.

First, find out your feng shui personal kua .

Second, check your feng shui kitchen design stove directions from the table below for you love and romance.

To define your feng shui stove directions, there are some confusing interpretations. The correct definition is the sitting direction and facing direction of the stove. This direction is always 180 degree opposite to each other.

Your stove facing direction is where the control knobs of the stove are facing. In addition, for some stove with oven at the bottom, the oven door has to face your feng shui love direction. The back of your stove is the sitting direction.

Feng shui stove directions for feng shui love and romance

Feng Shui Personal Kua Kua Number Feng Shui Stove Facing Direction (Degrees) Feng Shui Stove Sitting Direction (Degrees)
Kan 1 157.5° - 202.5° 337.5° - 22.5°
Kun 2 292.5° - 337.5° 112.5° - 157.5°
Chen 3 112.5° - 157.5° 292.5° - 337.5°
Sun 4 67.5° - 112.5° 247.5° - 292.5°
Chien 6 202.5° - 247.5° 22.5° - 67.5°
Tui 7 22.5° - 67.5° 202.5° - 247.5°
Ken 8 247.5° - 292.5° 67.5° - 112.5°
Li 9 337.5° - 22.5° 157.5° - 202.5°

An example can illustrate how to position your feng shui stove.

Female - October 1, 1983.

From your feng shui personal kua, your personal kua is Tui and your kua number is 7.

From the feng shui stove position table above, your best feng shui stove directions are in 22.5-67.5 degrees. At the centre of your kitchen, find out your best feng shui stove facing directions. You can position your stove against a wall. The stove sits at the 202.5-247.5 degrees and the stove control knobs face the 22.5-67.5 degrees.

Your love star can amplify your love and romance chi after you stove alignment. It can improve your feng shui marriage luck.

Sometimes, it is difficult to relocate your existing stove from the tips of feng shui kitchen design. Your feng shui interior restricts your stove relocation. You employ an advanced feng shui kitchen design method to overcome your problem.

You use a small cooking appliance such as a slow cooker, an electrical grill or a rice cooker. Place your appliance with the control knob facing your love star direction. This method is effective for your feng shui love cure.

Use the small appliance to cook your food everyday. Eat all the cooked food by yourself only. This advanced feng shui made simply method can also increase your luck in feng shui love and romance. This secret feng shui kitchen design tip can help you find your ideal lover!

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