Feng Shui Front Door is
the Epicenter of
Your Feng Shui Home and Life!

The feng shui front door is the "mouth" of your home. The front door is the gateway for your bread and butter of your life.

The earth chi or earth energy enters and brings along all the vital elements to keep your house lively and vibrant. You enjoy good money, wealth, health, love and all desirables.

A savvy feng shui master has to access your front door feng shui after she examines the location of your house. She has to make sure that the maximum earth chi enters your home through the front door.

However, this earth qi is affected by both the exterior feng shui front door property and the feng shui interior design.

In order for her to maximize the earth energy that enters your feng shui house, she has to avoid the adverse features inside and outside of your feng shui front door. Some adverse features are psychological while some adverse conditions are harmful to the earth energy.

If it is psychological, she can solve the problem psychologically such as placing certain feng shui items to easy the mind and reduce their negativity. If it is affecting the earth chi, then she has to employ the feng shui cure to neutralize the harmful features and boost up the earth chi.

"Feng shui front door applications."

For your new house, she has to apply feng shui principle in the feng shui designs. She has to choose a desirable location based on your Chinese zodiac signs . The new house direction is in one of your feng shui Chinese horoscope signs birth direction , if allowed by the property. She has to place the front door that can draw the good qi into your house.

The size of the front door has to be proportioned to the house.

If the front door is too small for a big house, there is insufficient chi to maintain the survival of the house and the occupants. If the front door is too big for a small house, the chi suffocates the house and the house becomes sick as well as the occupants.

When considering the feng shui front door for your new house, she has to make sure that the feng shui front door attracts the desirable chi and favorable events, and to keep the destructive ones away. She knows the importance of the water star from feng shui trigram, and the placement of proper feng shui water features to amplify the wealth star.

For existing home, she can predict the future events and know what had happened in the past when conducting the front door feng shui. From the feng shui bagua and Chinese trigram, she knows that which of your family member always goes out and seldom stays at home. In certain year, who has a better chance of making more money than your other family members make. Who and when is in love. Or whose health has problem.

In order to design your new house or evaluate your existing home, she has to apply the environmental feng shui principles as well as the feng shui trigram, feng flying shui star and Chinese trigram.

"What are the exterior of the front door features that the feng shui master looks for?"

She has to study and avoid the adverse features that have negative impact on the exterior of the front door feng shui.

Avoid the feng shui front door facing:

  • Lamppost, big tree, poles.
  • A straight on coming road; highway overpass.
  • Chimney; corner of neighbor's house; pointed features.
  • The house, across the road, has bigger doors than yours.
  • A cliff.
  • A gap that formed between two houses across the road.
  • Outside circumference of curving road, buildings and rivers.
  • Unpleasant objects such as garbage dumpsite.
  • Reflective surfaces of nearby buildings or houses.
  • Big rocks; mole of dirt.

"What are the adverse interior features affecting the feng shui front door?"

When the front door facing:

  • A staircase when entering.
  • A wall is too close to the front door, resulted restricted movements.
  • The back door is directly near at the front door.
  • Corner of a wall which in line with the middle of the front door.
  • A beam.
  • Too many clusters.
  • A window directly in line with the front door.
  • Toilet bowl of the bathroom, kitchen stove in the kitchen, fireplace, and bed inside a bedroom.

"Why do we have to avoid these adverse features?"

All these features have unfavorable effects upon the feng shui front door.

They harm the earth chi, consequently hurting your home and yourself.

For instance, the outside curve of a road facing your house is liked a bow with an arrow constantly against your house. You experience diminishing wealth and health. The staircase facing your front door will chop up the entering earth chi and results unpleasant relationships and money problem. When the toilet, kitchen, other rooms and utilities are improperly placed, they are harmful to your health and your mind.

"Are there any remedies to overcome them?"

If you know these secret feng shui tips, you can solve most of the feng shui front door problems. You can overcome the effects by renovate the adverse features or to neutralize the impact by placing some feng shui article at the front door.

However, some undesirable features are so overwhelming at the feng shui front door. The remedy may not be effective to prevent the damage. In this unusual circumstance, you have to avoid purchasing this home.

I will discuss these topics with you in this feng shui web so that you have the expertise in design or study your feng shui front door.

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