Feng Shui Experience

by Jackie

I really like Chinese art and traditions, especially the role of adding good energy through proper home decoration. After buying my new house, I decided to decorate it by following the rules of "feng shui". After 3,000 years, I figured that this method must be worthwhile since it is still being practiced.

Knowing that fire is the most important thing in a "feng shui" kitchen, I decided to buy a more expensive stove. For symbolic wood to feed the fire, I arranged plants in the corner of my kitchen. So that I don't show my back to anyone when I'm cooking I hung a mirror on the wall over the stove. No one can sneak up on me now. Because there is envy between water and fire, my sink is not close to my stove. On my center island I have a vase of fresh flowers and a bowl of oranges. I call it nourishment for the eyes and stomach!

In "feng shui" it is also important to arrange the bedroom properly. No surprise - I placed my bed so that it faces the door. There is a window to the right and a solid wall behind the bed. I don't have a desk or a computer in my bedroom.

I put a full-length mirror on the outside of the bathroom door to deflect the chi. I would like to paint the walls in red but my husband doesn't like this idea. So as a compromise, I may just hang some crystals in the corners of the room.

My living room will be pretty standard. When I am sitting in one of the chairs and on the coach, I will be able to see the door. Scone lights will make sure that there are no dark corners. I know that I am supposed to have a mirror in this room but I'm not sure where I can fit one in. That's on my to-do list.

Feng Shui is not really complicated but you do need to be a bit creative. It also helps to have an understanding husband who is OK with your ideas.

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