Feng shui decorating design influences your feng shui home.

Feng shui decorating is an important area to master feng shui secrets. We all influence by our interior home decorating.

Being your own home decorator, you have to consider every aspects of your home decorating interior.

Every room has impacts on your home fung-shui. Your room design, room interior decoration and feng shui colors have influences upon you.

Every piece of furniture, its shape, material, color and the furniture placement can improve or reduce the feng shui chi of the room. Therefore, like a good home decorator, you have to be careful in the feng shui decorating interior of your rooms.

Every decorating item (including curtains, paintings, pictures and area rugs) also has positive or negative effects in the room.

A good feng shui home design provides you a comfortable house to live in. However, you still have to energize the chi with effective interior feng shui decorating, including colors and materials, to achieve good feng shui.

Therefore, to master feng shui secrets in interior decorating, you have to evaluate the impact of feng shui interior decorating in each room of your house.

Home decorator with good feng shui decorating knowledge can enhance the home design. You have to know the fung-shui impact of each room upon your family members.

  • Foyer or Hallway:

    The foyer or hallway is the entrance of the feng shui chi from outside to your house.

  • Living Room:

    Living room is where the wealth spot is located. Sometimes it is the entertainment center of some homes. It affects the family relationship or love life.

  • Family Room:

    It is the entertainment and relaxation center. Family members spend a lot of time in this room. It affects the family relationship.

  • Study Room:

    Very often, you spend a lot of time to manage your finance and wealth.

  • Kitchen:

    It also affects the wealth and health of the family.

  • Dinning Room:

    It is the nourishment center for the whole family.

  • Master Bedroom:

    This room is in charge of your health, wealth and intimacy.

  • Bedroom:

    Rooms in charge of your children's health, education, career and love.

  • Washroom:

    Affects every family member's health.

  • Staircase:

    Affects your family fortune and family relationship.

  • Storage area:

    Affects your family health and wealth.

Once you master feng shui secrets of the rooms in your house, you know how to feng shui decorating. You can enhance the positive chi and can neutralize the negative chi in the room for your family members' benefits.

You'll become an expert home decorator to feng shui decorating your home. You know how to place your furniture and home decor. Choose the feng shui decorating colors for the room. Where to place your and family members' beds to maximize the benefits.

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