Master feng shui colors for successful results.

Feng shui colors influence the good and bad feng shui chi of your house. The colors can affect the feng shui five elements.

If you master feng shui secrets of colors on the Five Elements, you can enhance the auspicious feng shui luck and suppress the harmful chi easily in your interior decorating.

To master feng shui secrets, you have to understand the Five elements.

What are the Five Elements?

Five Elements are:

  • Metal
  • Water
  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Earth

These Five Elements govern the practice of feng shui. Once you master feng shui secrets of the Five Elements, you can overcome a lot of feng shui obstacles.

Everything in this world is classified into Five Elements. In other words, our worldly things are different combinations of the Five Elements.

The concept is philosophical and abstract, but it is the foundation of feng shui. We will discuss the five elements in the future.

Meanwhile, we have to understand the Productive, Destructive and Exhaustive Cycle of the Five elements.

Productive Cycle:

  • Metal produces water
  • Water produces wood
  • Wood produces fire
  • Fire produces earth
  • Earth produces metal

Destructive Cycle:

  • Metal destroys wood
  • Wood destroys earth
  • Earth destroys water
  • Water destroys fire
  • Fire destroys metal

Exhaustive Cycle:

  • Metal exhausts earth
  • Earth exhausts fire
  • Fire exhausts wood
  • Wood exhausts water
  • Water exhausts metal

Other than the representation of material things, the five elements represent the directions in the trigram feng shui.

Relationship of trigram feng shui directions and five elements:

Element Direction
Metal West and Northwest
Water North
Wood East and Southeast
Fire South
Earth Southwest, Northeast and Center

When you understand the relationship of the five elements and trigram feng shui, you can master feng shui colors.

Feng shui colors:

The five elements can be represented by the dominant colors of feng shui. The dominant colors are white, gold, silver, black, blue, green, red, purple, brown and yellow.

One or mixture of colors symbolizes each of the five elements. You can use one or more than one color to enhance the power of the element for interior decorating. Or you can use one or more than one color to reduce the power of the element in your home decoration.

Feng shui colors enhancement:

Element Dominant feng shui colors Productive feng shui colors
Metal White, silver or gold Yellow or brown
Water Black or blue Silver, gold or white
Wood Green Black or blue
Fire Red Green
Earth Yellow Red

If you want to enhance the wood element in your house or room, you can use only green color. Or you can use green and black for your home decoration.

If you have to boost the auspicious feng shui on the north side of your house, you have to employ colors feng shui of black, blue, white and gold for the interior.

Feng shui colors suppression:

Element Exhaustive feng shui colors
Metal Black or blue
Water Green
Wood Red
Fire Yellow
Earth White, silver or gold

If you have to reduce the impact of the element, you can use the exhaustive fungshui color.

You can also employ the exhaustive feng shui color to lessen the undesirable feng shui impact of the element. For example, if you have to control the wood element in the interior decorating, you can place more red color decor at the east side of your house.

Feng shui colors application:

The color application in feng shui is very board and there are not many restrictions. Once you master feng shui secrets in colors for interior decorating, you can change your feng shui destiny easily.

Of course, you are not restricted to use the dominant feng shui colors. If you or your home decorator restricts to the dominant colors, your home decor will be boring and unimpressive. You know that color has a positive and negative psychological effect too.

In your home decor, you are free to employ as much colors as possible. You can employ the color palette series of the dominant color, such as pink, rose quartz or orange in the red palette series.

Furthermore, you can employ supplement colors to enhance the feng shui dominant colors when you decorate your house interior. For example, your main theme of your room is yellow; you can boost up the yellow by a touch of purple. Of course, you do not mix the purple into the yellow color. You just use purple color for highlight only.

When you feng shui decorating your room, you would avoid to exhaust the element. For example, a water element area will not flourish with red color. The red color will drain the water element.

However, one of the most favorable feng shui colors is red. You can boost up your house feng shui with a touch of red home decor at the proper location. One of the master feng shui secrets - you can consider hanging a painting; place a red area rugs or red curtains to improve your home feng shui.

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