Energize yourself with feng shui bed if...

You know how to place your feng shui bed position. You are refresh and energetic the next morning after sound sleeping.

In fact, many people set up the feng shui bed pitfalls for themselves or they are victims of the modern building designs.

Nowadays, most buildings and houses have odd structures, which may be architecture beautiful, but they are against the feng shui principles.

Have you wondered why some people complain they are tired when wake up even though they sleep more than they needed? Some people have insomnia. Some people are always sick. Some people have many family and personal relationship problems.

These are the common issues, which most people experience. They should consult doctor, psychologist for help. However, unaware the impact of bed feng shui, most people don't know that bed feng shui probably is the remedy.

The fengshui bed effects are quick and powerful. You suffer instantly, if your bed placement is inappropriate.

"So what are the feng shui bed principles?"

  • You can see the bedroom door when lying in bed - you will not scare by intruders.
  • Do not place your bed facing directly to the door - sleeplessness (insomnia).
  • Do not sleep with your feet directly facing the door - the chi is too strong and harmful to health.
  • Do not sleep with the back against the door - poor health and hysteria.
  • Avoid sleeping under a beam (concrete, wood, air conditioning or heating duct) - nightmare, insomnia, sickness, depression.
  • Place a solid headboard against solid wall - have support from peers and superiors.
  • Don't place your bed underneath a window or opening - poor health and wealth.
  • Avoid any mirrors and reflective surfaces above, around and at the bed - lack of love and romance, relationships problem.

If you can follow these valuable bed feng shui principles, you are happy and healthy. You are successful in many aspects of life.

"Avoid the problem beds!"

Although some trendy beds are fashionable or desirable, their harmful effects are significant. These beds are good for the motel or hotel where customers are looking for fun. They are not good for home and bed feng shui.

  • Canopy bed - insomnia, depression and illness.
  • Waterbed - poor personal relationship and lack of support.
  • Mirrored bed - lack of inspiration.
  • Bed craved with animal sculptures - body and mind fatigue, infertility.
  • Heart-shaped bed - depression and gloomy.
  • Round bed - poor personal relationship.
  • Mechanical bed that rotates, rocks and rolls - disagreement and hostility.

Ignoring the feng shui bed advice, people who sleep in these kinds of beds will face their decline in health, wealth and love.

"When will the feng shui bed have effect?"

Very often, the negative bed fengshui effects are immediately. But sometimes, you will not feel the impact until an unwelcome yearly flying-star appears in the bed position.

Sometimes, you notice that the feng shui bed impact will be more severe on certain family member. It is because the bed direction affects this family member's feng shui trigram and feng shui bagua.

You will find out the knowledge of flying-stars feng shui and feng shui trigram from the chinese trigram. You learn the secrets and the applications later on.

"How to apply the feng shui bed principles effectively?"

Examine the present placement of your bed and decide if your bed agrees with the bed feng shui principles. If your bed is not at the optimal position, then move your bed to the best of feng shui bed principles.

Also, find out if you can position your feng shui bed direction according to your feng shui Chinese horoscope signs birth direction and the feng shui trigram position. Your Chinese zodiac signs is based on your birthday.

If you cannot place your bed along with the feng shui Chinese horoscope signs birth direction, then just follow the fengshui bed principles only.

As mentioned in bedroom feng shui, your feng shui Chinese astrology symbol birth direction enhances the auspicious chi. You can only benefit from this auspicious chi when your feng shui bed is placed naturally in your birth direction.

Don't blindly follow the feng shui Chinese zodiac symbol birth direction, if the fengshui bed placement results in awkward position in the bedroom. For example, if the four sides of the bed are facing the corners of the bedroom, this unnatural and uncomfortable bed placement attracts harmful chi. This noxious chi can invite serious injuries and even possible death.

If the bed placement can comply with the feng shui trigram and feng shui bagua, then it is gravy. You score extra benefits. Otherwise, just follow the bed fengshui principles only.

Avoid moving the bed during pregnancy, even though the bed does not agree with the principles. Moving the bed can be harmful to the fetus and the mother. Move the bed after the baby is born.

In addition, it's better to consult the almanac when you have to move your bed. Make sure that the moving date is not against you, your partner and the bed direction.

Your most ideal feng shui bed, after following the feng shui bed and bedroom feng shui the principles, is to place the bed in a natural and comfortable position.

Your bed placement follows all the rules according to the feng shui principles and the feng shui Chinese horoscope signs birth direction , feng shui trigram orientation and bagua feng shui. If can be done, you have successful maximized the feng shui bed benefits.

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