Can your feng shui bed placement seduce your love and romance lover?

Feng shui bed placement is one of the effective and powerful methods for your feng shui love cure. For singles, you can have your feng shui bed position in your romantic direction to enhance and magnify your love and romance star.

One of the famous classical feng shui books illustrates this traditional feng shui cure for love. These feng shui tips are effective for you to find your ideal lover and feng shui romance.

Before you apply the feng shui bed placement method, you have to follow the feng shui bed principles. You can then have your feng shui bed position according to the guidelines of feng shui bed placement.

To apply the method of the feng shui bed position, you have to know your feng shui personal kua .

Your feng shui personal kua reveals your love and romance direction. You can have your feng shui bed position in your love and romance area.

Feng Shui Bed Placement

Feng Shui Personal Kua Kua Number Feng Shui Bed Placement Area (Degrees)
Kan 1 157.5° - 202.5°
Kun 2 292.5° - 337.5°
Chen 3 112.5° - 157.5°
Sun 4 67.5° - 112.5°
Chien 6 202.5° - 247.5°
Tui 7 22.5° - 67.5°
Ken 8 247.5° - 292.5°
Li 9 337.5° - 22.5°

You can further enhance your love and romance if your bedroom feng shui environment allows you to place your bed in your feng shui bed direction.

An example can illustrate how to position your feng shui bed.

Female - October 1, 1983.

From the feng shui personal kua, your personal kua is Tui and your kua number is 7.

From the feng shui bed position table above, your best feng shui bed directions are in 22.5-67.5 degrees. In the centre of your bedroom, find out your best feng shui bed placement directions. You can position your bed within this area.

You can further align your feng shui bed within the directions if your bedroom feng shui interior designs allow. Your can amplify your love and romance chi after you bed alignment.

The proper alignment is to place your headboard in your feng shui bed direction. The other end of your bed is facing the opposite direction, i.e. 202.5-247.5 degrees. In other words, your head is in the love direction and your feet are towards the 202.5-247.5 degrees when you lie down in bed.

You can magnify your feng shui love and romance by placing a feng shui charm in the area. You can place a rose quartz feng shui crystal ball in this area or beside your bed.

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