Feng Shui 2007 Prediction for
You and Your House
in the Year of the Pig.

Feng shui 2007 prediction is the most effective and efficient short-term way to improve your luck and health annually. You can achieve your objectives by cultivate good feng shui chi in your house and for yourself in a specific year.

The annual flying star feng shui is the key for feng shui predictions. The nine stars have an immediate and significant impact on your house and yourself.

Once you know the yearly flying star feng shui forecast, you can plan your strategies to achieve your goals. Also, you can harness the auspicious chi to nourish your health for year 2007.

The nine stars control the chi of the universe. You have to know the yearly nine stars locations and their characters. You can employ the proper feng shui items to neutralize the harmful chi and to enhance the auspicious chi.

Employing this valuable knowledge, you can reward yourself and your house for the year of the pig in 2007.

2007 Year of the Pig Flying Star Feng Shui


1 White:



6 White:



8 White:



9 Purple:




2 Black:



4 Green:




5 Yellow:




7 Red:




3 Green:



Feng shui 2007 prediction is from February 4, 2007 to February 3, 2008, for the year of the pig.

The most important thing to interpret the feng shui 2007 prediction is to understand the annual kua in the center of the nine palaces. The center yearly kua indicates the future events of the year.

  • Feng shui 2007 prediction of Illness 2 Black Star is in the center of the nine palaces.

    The whole world will suffer from sickness in 2007 since the 2 Black Star represents darkness, moldiness, rotten smell, epidemic, food poisoning and drug addiction.

    When the 2 Black Star is in your house center, it affects everyone's health. It also represents the housewife; therefore, the lady's health is in jeopardy. Also, pregnancy has to be careful otherwise miscarriage will happen in this year.

    This year, 2 Black Star is in the center of the nine palaces. The center is also occupied by the universal feng shui kua number 5 Yellow as shown in trigram feng shui . When the (2 and 5) Stars are at the same location, they are the most dangerous combination which represent death.

    To reduce this harmful impact on your family members' health, you'd better hang 3 copper/brass wind chimes or 8 copper Chinese coins at the center of the house to neutralize the (2 and 5) Stars harmful chi. If possible, hang the wind chimes in the center of your bedroom as well. According to 2007 feng shui prediction, avoid red color furnishing in the center of your house and rooms.

  • Feng shui 2007 prediction of Wealth 8 White Star is at the southwest.

    We are in period 8 of flying star feng shui. Therefore, 8 White Star is the star of wealth. This year the housewife will have better wealth luck since the 8 White Star is at the mother, lady of the house location.

    Avoid green plants or green furniture in the southwest corner. This wood element is destructive to the earth element of 8 White Star.

    Try to place the fire element furnishing such as red carpet, runner or furniture to enhance the earth element of the 8 White Star. This will boost up your wealth if you follow the feng shui predictions.

    The computer becomes one of our important equipments. The search engines such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are the most popular search engines.

    Do you know that the engines can be classified into water and fire elements? Internet Explorer has more water element and Mozilla Firefox has more fire element.

    If your computer is at the southwest corner, you can use the Firefox search engine to boost the wealth 8 earth element. You'll also have more computer security and less computer problems when you use Firefox at the southwest location.

  • 2007 feng shui prediction of the 9 Purple Star is at the east (3 Green Chen Kua).

    The 9 Purple Star is the future wealth star, i.e. period 9. It is in charge of marriage, birth and career.

    When (9 and 3) Stars are together, energy and electrical power is in demand. Also, new technology and new design will introduce.

  • 2007 feng shui year of 1 White Star is at the southeast (4 Green).

    When (1 and 4) Stars combine, this is the location for scholars or good results in examination.

    There will be more women CEO and managers in this year.

  • 2007 feng shui tip of 5 Yellow Star is at northeast (8 White Ken kua).

    The 5 Yellow is the most dangerous Star, which is in charge of death and inauspicious chi.

    Avoid it as much as possible. Do not renovate at this location. Do not place red furnishing. Hang cooper/brass wind chime at the northeast corner.

  • 2007 Feng shui year of 7 Red Star is at north (1 White Kan kua).

    The 7 Red Star is violence, burglary and unclear mind. When (7 and 1) Stars are together, they promote heavy drinking and blooming of sex entertainment.

  • 2007 Feng shui flying star of 6 White Star is at south (9 Purple Star).

    Although 6 White Star is a past period wealth star, it is still in charge of side line wealth or income.

    According to the 2007 feng shui prediction, you can place a three leg money toad in the south direction to attract wealth.

  • Feng shui 2007 prediction of 3 Green at northwest (6 Chien kua)

    3 Green Star is argument and hostile. When (3 and 6) Stars are together, there are arguments among government or quarrels among the elders in the family.

    Place red runner, carpet or red light to solve the issue.

  • Feng shui 2007 prediction of 4 Green Star at west (7 Tui kua).

    The 3-killings (in charge of three kinds of bad luck) of this year are located at the west direction as indicated by the feng shui prediction. Avoid any renovation in the west side.

    The 7 Red Star also represents bird or poultry. The present of 3-killings indicate that there is massive killing of the bird or poultry.

Once you know the feng shui 2007 prediction, you can maximize your fortune according to the stars forecast.

You can arrange feng shui items to harness the beneficial chi and place feng shui articles to neutralize the harmful chi according to the feng shui prediction.

The most effective and fast method for the short-term is to arrange your bed and your desk as suggested by the feng shui prediction. Your bed and desk can influence your chi and luck quickly because you spend a good with them. You can place your bed and your desk according to the annual feng shui 2007 prediction and the acceptable feng shui principles.

Furthermore, you have to consult the feng shui astrology for 2007. The feng shui Chinese horoscopes indicate your fortune and health of the year.

After evaluate both your house feng shui 2007 prediction and your feng shui 2007 horoscopes, you know which area you have to avoid or to neutralize.

Armed with the feng shui 2007 prediction, feng shui 2007 astrology and feng shui Chinese horoscopes knowledge, you can plan a successful and wonderful 2007 resolutions.

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