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Feng shui is my passion. I have tried to master feng shui for many years. I started to learn feng shui when I was at university in upper New York State.

I followed many feng shui masters. Because of the complexity of feng shui, it is difficult to know what works and what doesn't. You have to build up your experiences to master feng shui secrets.

I traveled around the world when I worked for a big corporation as an engineer. I had the opportunities to see many different buildings, feng shui locations and landscapes of the world.

Now, I am a real estate broker for many years in Toronto, Canada. I have inspected many houses, condos, offices, warehouses, shopping malls and factories with all kinds of designs or layouts.

I have helped my clients to select their homes, offices etc. based on feng shui principles.

I have advised my clients how to improve and decorate their homes and offices with feng shui articles and items.

I have helped them to design or modify their floor plans when they bought their brand new homes or offices.

If you would like to see some feng shui topics in this site, please contact me. Let me know!

This site is a continued work in progress and I want to include the things you want!

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