Chinese Astrology Snake
Prediction for 2007
Chinese New Year of the Pig

Your Chinese astrology Snake 2007 forecast will discover your feng shui astrology, feng shui romance, horoscope love matches, feng shui love, feng shui direction, feng shui bedroom arrangement, feng shui bed, feng shui for love cures and feng shui cure for your career, wealth and health in the Year of the Pig.

Snake people are born in the year of: 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989 and 2001.

Snake Chinese horoscope love matches partner: Rooster, Ox and Monkey.

Snake person characteristics:

Chinese astrology Snake people are very luck and smart people. You cannot finish jobs only by yourself. You need partners to finish any projects as pointed out by your Chinese horoscope.

Snake people have the ability to achieve your goal even you are against the direction of the current. Chinese astrology Snake people adapt to the situations easily.

Snake person are happy people and you can forget unhappy events very quickly.

Snake people are jealous and like to conquer.

Snake people like to show off your ability.

Chinese astrology Snake 2007 forecasts in Year of the Pig:

Snake people Chinese horoscope indicate that Snake person have to be careful this year. You are facing the Grand Duke of this year. Therefore, you have to face many changes such as job changes or many travels.

Snake people have to control your spending so that you can balance your books. Avoid gambling and investing in risk business or stocks as forecasted by your Chinese astrology Snake.

Do not argue with your managers and supervisors.

The Chinese love horoscope for Snake person is unpleasing. This year is not desirable for Snake people to get marry. According to the Chinese astrology for married Snake people, please be patient with your partner and do not argue with your partner.

In the Year of the Pig, do not renovate or move earth at the west side of your house or office as indicated by your feng shui astrology. According to your Chinese astrology Snake, the Three Killings are at the west location of your house and office.

If your house door or office door is facing west, it's better to place a pair of "Chi Lin" bronze statues by the door to correct the inauspicious chi. The Chi Lin can bring in good fortunes and good feng shui luck.

Feng shui health astrology 2007 for Snake:

Snake people have to be careful with high blood pressure or diabetics. Always look at the positive side and you can overcome your psychological problems easily.

Chinese astrology Snake people have to hang a stringed Chinese 6-coin at the northwest direction of the house in order to prevent the harmful chi of Five Yellow - the star of trouble and death.

Snake people have to suppress the 2 Black illness star as recommended by your feng shui astrology. You have to hang three copper/brass wind chimes in the centre of your house, your bedroom and your office.

Feng shui love astrology 2007 for Snake:

Your Chinese horoscope love compatibility is Rooster and Ox people. Furthermore, the Monkey people are agreed with your Chinese astrology compatibility.

The Pig people are not your ideal love horoscopes match since Pig people do not agreed with your Chinese astrology compatibility.

According to the Chinese love horoscope, you can place feng shui item such as rose quartz crystal article at the west direction. Your feng shui astrology shows the exact feng shui direction is 172.5-187.5 degree from your compass. One of the methods to boost up your feng shui romance, as shown by your Chinese astrology Snake, is to place a horse painting at this location.

For married couples, do not put flowering plants in the bedroom. Avoid install mirrors in the kitchen and bedroom.

Feng shui wealth astrology 2007 for Snake:

The Chinese astrology Snake 2007 indicates problems with your wealth. You'll spend more than your income.

Snake people can improve the feng shui wealth luck by sitting at and sleeping in the east, southeast, south and southwest directions in the house as well as in the office.

You feng shui astrology advises you to place a copper three-legged money frog or three-legged toad to harness your feng shui wealth. In addition, Snake people can wear the appropriate crystals to improve the wealth luck as indicated by your Chinese astrology Snake.

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