Chinese Astrology Rabbit
Prediction for 2007
Chinese New Year of the Pig

Your Chinese astrology Rabbit 2007 forecast will discover your feng shui astrology, feng shui romance, horoscope love matches, feng shui love, feng shui direction, feng shui bedroom and feng shui bed. You know your feng shui astrology for feng shui love cures and feng shui cure for your career, wealth and health in the Year of the Pig.

Rabbit people are born in the year of: 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987 and 1999.

Rabbit Chinese horoscope love matches partner: Goat, Pig and Dog.

Chinese horoscope Rabbit characteristics:

Rabbit people are serious in your work and love. You are very self-centered and very opinionated. Chinese astrology Rabbit people are not too good in interpersonal relationships.

Making friends with Rabbit people is good. Rabbit people can make friends even with the enemy. Chinese astrology Rabbit people have many habits.

Rabbit people cannot take risk. You will fail in most of your risk taking.

Rabbit people are easy to change your mind and your mood. Male Rabbit people lack determination and focus. Female Rabbit people are very aggressive and are poor at interpersonal skill.

Chinese astrology Rabbit people have many love problems. Your mentors are normally your own marriage partner.

Chinese astrology Rabbit 2007:

Rabbit people Chinese horoscope indicates that your careers, fortune and luck are better than last year. You will get promotion or get famous in your job in the Year of the Pig. This year is favorable for Rabbit people in politics or in taking examinations.

Chinese astrology Rabbit people have many parties to go this year. You have to be selective; otherwise, you'll drain your energy by partying too much.

The Chinese love horoscope for Rabbit person is stable. For singles, this year is a good year for marriage.

Your feng shui astrology indicates that married Rabbit couples have to be careful with your marriage. Don't fool around. Otherwise, your marriage will be in trouble. According to the Chinese astrology Rabbit astrology, married male Rabbit people have to look after your health this year.

In the Year of the Pig, do not renovate or move earth at the west side of your house or office as dictated by your feng shui astrology. Your Chinese astrology Rabbit indicates that the Three Killings are at the west location.

If your house door or office door is facing west, it's better to place a pair of "Chi Lin" bronze statues by the door to correct the inauspicious chi. The Chi Lin can bring in good fortunes and good feng shui luck for you.

Feng shui astrology 2007 in love for Rabbit:

According to the Chinese love horoscope, you can place feng shui painting of nine fishes at the north direction or rose quartz crystal ball. This is one of the methods to boost up your feng shui romance as mentioned in your Chinese astrology Rabbit. The exact feng shui direction is 352.5-7.5 degree from your compass.

Your Chinese horoscope love compatibility is people of Goat and Pig. Also, the Dog people are within your Chinese astrology compatibility.

The Rooster people are not your ideal love horoscopes match. If your married partner is Rooster, then look at his/her good values.

For married couples, do not put flowering plants in the bedroom. Avoid install mirrors in the kitchen and bedroom.

Feng shui astrology 2007 in wealth for Rabbit:

The Chinese astrology Rabbit 2007 indicates Rabbit person's wealth grows steadily this Year of the Pig.

Rabbit people can maximize your feng shui wealth luck as recommended by your feng shui astrology by sitting at the east, southeast, south and southwest directions in the house as well as in the office.

You can place a copper three-legged money frog or three-legged toad to amplify your feng shui wealth as pointed out by your Chinese astrology Rabbit.

In addition, Rabbit people can wear the appropriate crystals to enhance your wealth luck.

Feng shui astrology 2007 in health for Rabbit:

Rabbit people have to disperse the 2 Black illness star in your house and office.

You have to hang three copper/brass wind chimes in the centre of your house, your bedroom and your office.

Rabbit person has to hang a stringed Chinese 6-coin at the northwest direction of your house in order to prevent the harmful chi of Five Yellow - the star of trouble and death.

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