Good Bedroom Feng Shui Is the Vitamin for Your Success

Bedroom feng shui can affect your health, love, romance, wealth, career, personal relationships, luck and gender of your offsprings.

Since you sleep almost 8 hours daily in your bedroom, the impact of bedroom feng shui upon you is very significant.
The feng shui for the bedroom will either accumulate strong and auspicious earth energy (chi) or collect weak and ominous earth energy (qi). During sleeping, the vibrant feng shui bedroom chi will nurture you while the weak feng shui qi will dissipate you.

Very often, you will normally sleep in the master bedroom of your house since it is the most luxury. Many feng-shui masters will also select a feng shui bedroom which is either the largest bedroom or at the "dragon side" of the house for you. "Dragon side" is the left hand side of the house when you are facing outward at the front door. "Tiger side" is the right hand side of the house.

This feng-shui bedroom selection method is correct if the bedroom arrangement collects the strongest and the most auspicious chi for you. You will be healthy and successful.

If your bedroom does not have the strongest chi then you are not maximized the benefits of bedroom feng shui. Although you are the head of the household, you are not the true master (boss) of the house. Whoever is sleeping in the bedroom feng shui with the most vibrant chi is the master! Sometimes, your kids can be your boss! They are sleeping at the bedroom with the most auspicious feng shui.

If your bedroom arrangement collects weak and unfavorable chi, your feng shui bedroom will be harmful to you.

Once you know how to utilize this bedroom fengshui tip to replenish your body and develop your potential energy while sleeping, you are way ahead of most people. You are vibrant and dynamic to achieve success the next morning because you sleep in the bedroom with the best bedroom feng shui.

"What are the effects of the fengshui bedroom chi on you?"

The chi effects are obvious when you apply feng shui in the bedrooms. You will notice the changes almost immediately.

Strong and Auspicious Chi in the bedroom feng shui:

  • Strong affection - romance, love and many offsprings
  • Health - good physical and mental
  • Career - successful
  • Wealth - accumulate
  • Weak and Harmful Feng Shui Chi in the bedroom:

  • Lack of affection - frustration, few or no offsprings
  • Health - sickness, tumors, mental problems
  • Career - failure, disaster
  • Wealth - dissipate

  • "How to accumulate the auspicious chi for the bedroom feng shui?"

    Since the chi (earth energy) is so important, it is necessary to accumulate as much as possible to nourish your body and mind in bedroom feng shui. Windows, doors and clusters play a vital role.

    Too many windows and doors in the bedroom are not desirable for the bedroom. Chi will dissipate quickly in the bedroom with too many windows and doors. Before the chi is collected and stored for your benefits in bedroom feng shui, it has escaped through excessive openings.

    A good bedroom feng shui is without too many door and windows. The window size is not too large. Of course, French window will be too big. Ideally, one door is enough for the bedroom. Two or more doors will let the good feng shui chi escapes too quickly. French doors are elegant. However, French doors for the balcony in the bedroom will let the chi leave too fast.

    Clusters will block the flow of chi inside the bedroom. The chi blockage promotes difficulties in life. Remove all clusters and pack unnecessary items in storage. A good bedroom feng shui is free of clusters.

    The best bedroom-feng-shui tip to maximize the accumulation of auspicious feng shui chi is not having too many windows and doors and free of clusters.

    "Feng shui fertility and possible feng shui choice of baby gender in bedroom feng shui!"

    Now, if you decide to have baby, you know that the bedroom chi dictates the feng shui fertility. You'll definitely sleep in the bedroom with the most auspicious chi. Naturally, you don't have the power to choose the baby gender, even if you want to, until it is born.

    However, from the ancient Chinese wisdoms, there are several factors can favor a higher probability in the choice of baby gender.

    The feng shui trigram and Chinese trigram play an important role. By placing proper bedroom feng shui items at the designated direction can help the baby gender selection.

    Another method is to employ the feng shui interior design in the bedroom.

    Chi is classified into "yang" and "yin". Yang is positive, bright or male. Yin is negative, dark or female. When you do bedroom feng shui decorating, you have to consider bedroom arrangement feng shui and bedroom best colors feng shui.

    When the bedroom has a lot of lighting, bright feng shui colors and many "yang" objects, it is considered that the yang chi is dominant.

    The bedroom has more yin chi if the bedroom is dark, has dull feng shui colors and has a lot of yin decorations.

    When you apply feng shui decorating along with a tasteful feng shui interior design in the bedroom feng shui, you can have a better success in your preference of baby gender.

    When yang chi is prevailing, chance of baby boys are dominant.

    When yin chi is predominant, chance of baby girls are primary.

    When yang chi and yin chi is balanced, chance of girl and boy is equal.

    Although chi is one of the major considerations in feng shui, there are other methods playing an important role. The trigram feng shui, chinese trigram, feng shui bagua, flying star feng shui, the shape of the bedroom and articles feng shui placement will have significant impact the bedroom feng shui too. We will discuss these topics in the future web pages.

    "What are the feng shui tips to achieve the best feng-shui bedroom arrangements?"

    When you plan your bedroom arrangement, you have to consider many factors. However, most fengshui tips are advices for "not to do" items. If you can avoid or correct the problems during feng shui interior design and decorating, you can optimize the auspicious earth energy.

    Clusters will block the flow of chi inside the bedroom feng shui. The chi blockage promotes difficulties in life. A good feng shui bedroom is free of clusters.

    When the bedroom space is crowded with too many furniture or too big furniture, this will have a negative impact on the chi movement. Free up the crowded space for good bedroom feng shui. A bedroom with an adequate furniture placement is the main principle. Spacious bedroom magnifies auspicious chi.

    A high bedroom ceiling reflects cold and unwelcome atmosphere. The occupant is cold, disagreeable and lack of affections. Try to reduce the ceiling height by applying drop ceiling or paint the ceiling to a darker color for better feng shui bedroom.

    A low bedroom ceiling reflects suppression and anxiety. The occupant is depressed and suffocated. It is disastrous to career and health. Avoid to sleeping in such bedroom!

    There is no place for flowers or plants in the bedroom. Contrary to common practice and belief that decorating the bedroom with flowers will attract love and romance, the results are harmful. There is no peace and harmony among married couples in this undesirable bedroom feng shui. The result is against romance as well. Flowers in the bedroom are for recovering from sickness only!

    Avoid feng shui mirrors and even reflective surfaces (such as TV sets) in the bedroom feng shui. Although mirror provides a sense of depth in the room and repels undesirable chi, it has to be used by a very professional feng shui master. When use improperly, the mirrors will cause arguments among married couples, illness and affairs.

    Do not place any water fountains, feng shui fish tank or water objects inside the bedroom. Such bedroom feng shui placement will cause sickness and financial hardship. Although placement of feng shui water features at proper spot will attract wealth, such water objects placement will cause sickness and financial hardship.

    The best feng shui tip in feng shui bedroom arrangement is to avoid all the problems mentioned and implement the suggestions. Simplicity is the key for feng shui. You will sleep well in a comfortable and spacious bedroom.

    After successful selection of the master bedroom based on feng shui chi concept, you have to consider the best bed directions and positions. If possible, your bed should be positioned in one of your feng shui Chinese horoscope signs directions .

    Your auspicious directions are determined by your birthday according to the Chinese zodiac signs. If circumstances do not allow the bed to place in the feng shui Chinese horoscope signs direction, then you have to consider the feng shui trigram concept or flying stars feng shui method. These are important rules of bedroom feng shui in placement of the bed to enhance the earth energy.

    When all possibilities are considered, the final bed placement must be comfortable and naturally according to the feng shui bedroom principles .

    Of course, the method in feng shui bedrooms selection for other family members is similar. You have to access their feng shui chinese astrology symbol birth directions, auspicious chi, feng shui trigram, feng shui bagua and flying stars feng shui.

    We will soon discuss the feng shui trigram, chinese trigram concept and flying stars feng shui method.

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