Astrology 2008 predicts your fortune, love, romance, wealth, career and health.

Astrology 2008 discloses the predictions in the Year of Rat. The Year of Rat begins on February 4, 2008 and ends at February 3, 2009.

The Chinese New Year of Rat begins on February 7, 2008.

However, the most important date you have to remember for successful feng shui astrology 2008 or Chinese horoscope is from February 4, 2008.

Two Chinese characters represent every Chinese New Year. This Year of the Rat has an "earth" Chinese character sitting on top of a "water" Chinese character.

The earth element indicates that the real estate and housing will have big movements in 2008. The movements will be significant in the months of February, July and November 2008.

The water element in 2008 represents the finance and stock market. This water element is stable and indicates that the financial market in 2008 will be more stable without significant fluctuations. The unstable water element of 2007 resulted in sub prime mortgage problems and big movements of the world stock markets.

The present global warming is due to the appearance of "fire" element in feng shui 2008. In fact, the 2008 global warming is a continually since 2004.

This year there will be worldwide epidemic such as bird flu, SARS, terrorist attacks, traffic accidents and natural disasters such as earthquake, tsunami and drought is high.

The Chinese horoscope of 2008 is a year of sickness for the elder male. This group of people includes father of a family, president of a company or country, all companies' male managers or government authorities. This also indicates that younger male generation will be in charge of the situations.

2008 indicates that there are many burglaries and robberies will happen at the west. Install security system and remember to lock up the west facing doors and windows of your house.

The Rat itself is a friendly creature. It has a very strong adaptability in the environment. The Rat treasures friendships. The astrology 2008 forecasts that the world leaders are in harmony. There will be peaceful negotiations of the warring countries.

The feng shui 2008 forecast is good for romance, property market, insurance and precious metals.

The Chinese horoscope in 2008 does not favors marriage in general. Only the Rabbit people are good for marriage in 2008.

Astrology 2008 indicates a good year for having newborn rat babies.

Feng shui astrology - Chinese horoscopes forecast for 2008:

The Chinese horoscope changes every year. You have to harvest the yearly auspicious chi for your house and your office. You can relocate your bed for a better feng shui bedroom arrangement to maximize the auspicious chi. You can place your desk at the favorable location to harness the yearly good chi.

You have to act immediately with feng shui cure to dissolve the inauspicious yearly chi. The harmful chi can affect you very quickly for the whole year.

To conduct successful Chinese horoscope, you can simply follow the forecast of your zodiac signs horoscope 2008 from below. Make sure that you find out your correct Chinese astrology horoscope!

Then you can plan your success in 2008 by combining the knowledge of your Chinese horoscope and the feng shui 2008 prediction.

Rat 2008 prediction

Ox 2008 prediction

Tiger 2008 prediction

Rabbit 2008 prediction

Dragon 2008 prediction

Snake 2008 prediction

Horse 2008 prediction

Goat 2008 prediction

Monkey 2008 prediction

Rooster 2008 prediction

Dog 2008 prediction

Pig 2008 prediction

You can plan your success in 2008 after you review your horoscope prediction and the 2008 prediction.

You know which feng shui directions are favorable. You can arrange your bed for a better feng shui in this year.

You understand which feng shui items are effective. You'll place the suitable feng shui items to dissolve the harmful chi.

You are knowledgeable to boost up your feng shui love and feng shui romance area in order to find a good partner. You also discover your ideal love match horoscopes. You will stay away from your unfavorable love horoscope match.

Your zodizc signs horoscope 2008 shows you how to neutralize or avoid the Three Killings and the Grand Duke of each year. If you do something improper at these locations, you will experience undesirable results.

You'll have a smooth, happy and successful Year of the Rat if you can follow the feng shui astrology 2008 forecast and your own Chinese astrology horoscope 2008 prediction.

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