Astrology Dragon 2008
Prediction for
Chinese New Year of the Rat

Your astrology Dragon 2008 forecast will discover your feng shui astrology, feng shui romance, horoscope love matches, feng shui love, feng shui direction, feng shui cure for career, wealth and health and feng shui for love cures in the Year of the Rat.

Dragon people are born in the year of: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988 and 2000.

Dragon Chinese horoscope love matches partner: Monkey, Rat and Rooster.

Dragon person characteristics:

Dragon person are very luck people as indicates by the Chinese horoscope. You are very responsible to finish your projects and don't like unfinished jobs.

Dragon people have much support from your friends and mentors.

Dragon people are very ambitious. Dragon people have high aspirations. However, some of your aspirations are day dreaming only.

Dragon people have double characteristics. You can be hard working and at the same time, you can be very lazy in other areas.

Dragon people are kind hearted and you can work along with many people.

Dragon people seldom express your thinking and feelings publicly.

Chinese astrology Dragon 2008 forecasts in Year of the Rat:

Dragon people Chinese horoscope indicates that you are lucky this year. There are good stars in the Dragon people horoscope. Astrology Dragon people are successful in your careers in 2008.

Dragon people will experience a prosperous year since there are wealth stars in your Chinese horoscope.

However, in 2008, several stars would influence negatively in your career and health.

Love horoscope for Dragon person is strong but very eventful. To avoid unnecessary trouble, stay calm and patient to your lover.

In the Year of the Rat, do not renovate or move earth at the south side of your house or office since the Three Killings and 5 Yellow Earth element are at the south location as mentioned by the feng shui astrology.

If your house door or office door is facing south, it's better to place a pair of "Chi Lin" bronze statues by the door to correct the inauspicious chi as mentioned in your feng shui astrology.

Astrology 2008 Dragon people's health:

Dragon people have several harmful stars appear in the health astrology. You have to be careful to avoid accidents and depression and prevent from overwork.

Chinese horoscope Dragon people have to neutralize the 2 Black illness star. Your feng shui astrology advises you to hang three copper/brass wind chimes in the northwest corner of your house, your bedroom and your office. Avoid any ceramic wares and ceramic displays in this location.

Dragon person has to hang a stringed Chinese 6-coin at the south direction of the house in order to prevent the harmful chi of Five Yellow - the star of trouble and death. Avoid any ceramic statues or displays in this location.

If your house front door is facing south, play extra attention in driving to avoid any traffic accidents!

Love astrology 2008 for Dragon people:

According to the Chinese horoscope for love, you can place feng shui items at the southeast direction of your house.

Astrology Dragon suggests you to boost up your feng shui romance by placing a golden dragon statue at this location.

Your Chinese horoscope love compatibility is with people of Rat and Monkey. Rooster people agree with your Chinese astrology compatibility.

The Dog people are not your ideal love horoscopes match since Dog people do not agreed with your Chinese astrology compatibility.

For married couples, do not put flowering plants in the bedroom. Your Chinese astrology Dragon does not allow installing mirrors in you kitchen and your bedroom.

Feng shui 2008 astrology Dragon's wealth:

The Chinese astrology Dragon 2008 indicates Dragon person's wealth is good. You have the ability to save in 2008.

Dragon people can maximize your feng shui wealth luck by sitting at and sleeping in the east, southeast, and north directions in the house as well as in the office.

Chinese astrology Dragon people can place a copper three-legged money frog or three-legged toad at the locations to amplify your feng shui wealth.

In addition, Dragon people can wear the appropriate crystals to enhance your wealth luck.

Career for Astrology 2008 Dragon:

Astrology 2008 Dragon people have good career star. You have good career in 2008 but you need mentors or sub0rdinates to achieve your goals and tasks.

Dog people can enhance your career luck by placing your desk in the east, north or southeast direction.

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