"Why master feng shui prediction can present you a superb life?"

Master feng shui secrets, predictions and tips are very powerful and effective. Applying these omnipotent information correctly, you'll have a successful and vivid life. You feel positive energy around you at home and at work. Your spirits are high. You and your family members enjoy a sense of well-being plus the following benefits:

  • Good Health - no frequent and persistent illness, no abnormal growth of tumor, no accidental surgery
  • Successful Career - smooth career path; supportive superior; reliable and hardworking subordinates; loyal customers
  • Wealth and Prosperity - accumulate easily
  • Profitable Business - business expansion; higher margin
  • Love and Romance - enhance marriage affection; meet an ideal intimate partner
  • Family Harmony - peaceful; serene; no arguments among family members
  • Smart Kids - school results with flying colors
  • Subdue Adversities - cure bad fengshui features
  • Free of Traffic Accident - clean up clutters at home

  • "So what is Feng Shui?"

    FengShui is a study of the earth energy or life energy.

    Sometimes, this earth energy (electromagnetism) is called Chi or Qi. The "chi" exists at every geographical location all the time. The location can be a county, a city, a building, a factory, a house, an apartment, a shopping mall, a retail shop and an office.

    Your body energy is constantly influenced by the earth energy that existed at your home and at your work place. Thus, the positive earth energy enhances your success while the negative earth energy nurtures misfortune. Therefore, you have to consciously harness the good Chi and deliberately keep the bad Qi at bay.

    "Who make use to Master Feng Shui?"

    For thousands of years, only the Chinese emperors used it to build the palaces, to develop the cities, to rule the country and even to apply strategically at war. The citizens were not allowed to practice and master fung shui in the old days.

    Fortunately, the public accessed the knowledge in the last few hundred years. However, it's only the affluent people who could afford to employ their own geomancers. The fung shway masters would advise their employers for important events and major decision-makings. The feng shui masters would also perform house readings, feng shui prediction and interior placements yearly for their employers.

    Nowadays, feng shui is still a rich person's successful secret weapon! Even, U.S. and European corporations had hired feng shui masters for fung shui readings. In Hong Kong, a skillful geomancer's consulting fee is based on the floor area of a house. The consulting fee is usually at US$2-5 per square feet. It is more expensive for the office and factory reading. Although the service is costly, it is in high demand in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and China.

    "How can you learn and Master Feng Shui?"

    Very often, the masters of feng shui treasured their knowledge and kept their methods secretly. They only passed on their skills to their own heirs. Or, they wrote books that were difficult to comprehend.

    At present, to learn and master feng shui became more complicated because different schools emerged.

    Nowadays, there are schools in Chinese trigram, compass form, trigram feng shui (eight-trigrams), flying-stars, three-harmonies, three-eras, nine palaces, eight-mansions, twenty-four mountains, five elements, transcendent void and twenty-eight constellations.

    Luckily, you can learn and understand this valuable knowledge in master-feng-shui.com. You can access the priceless feng shui predictions and tips in here too.

    "Who will benefit from Feng Shui?"

    You will of course. Once you master feng shui methods, you can chart a better destiny for yourself. Apply correctly, feng-shui prediction can magnify your good times and lessen your misfortunes. Now let's begin your journey, so that you know how to master feng shui:

  • select best site for your house
  • set up the bedroom for love and romance
  • locate and create a wealth spot for your home
  • clean up clusters to avoid illness and accident
  • placement of appropriate products to attract good energy and to cure the bad elements
  • manage exterior features
  • design interior layout and ...

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